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Industrial Disease

There can have been few areas of costs law which have provided as much controversy and/or uncertainty as Industrial Disease claims. Even now, the extent to which the Pre-Action Protocol applies is debated and a working group has been set up by the CJC to investigate extension of the fixed costs regime to all ID cases.

Acting against regular opponents, our experienced team are well used to successfully deploying arguments to counter the usual objections to costs. Working in a legal environment where the damages are often lower than the costs reasonably incurred in pursing the claims and where the Solicitors’ expertise is often undervalued, we have taken a robust approach to secure our clients proper recovery on costs.

Please contact Andrew Armson to discuss your requirements: or 01772 435550.


"I instruct SPH Costing Services on a regular basis using their services for Costs Budgets, drafting Bills, negotiating costs and detailed assessment.  On each occasion I have found SPH to be both thorough and professional but at the same time personable and approachable.  Instructing SPH gives me peace of mind of knowing that recoverability of my client’s costs will be dealt with properly and that everything possible will be done to secure the most satisfactory outcome." 



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