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Legal Aid Costing Services

What our Clients say:

We have used SPH now for about the last three years to do our legal costing and bills work. We have always found them to be a highly professional organisation. There is a very quick turnaround in their work and we have never had to chase them for work to be returned. What we have found particularly helpful is if difficulties arise in cases that we can ring and ask them for general advice. That advice is always forthcoming and we have found it accurate and helpful. We would recommend them to any other law firm" - Legal Aid Solicitor"

Our Service:

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our exceptional Legal Aid Costing Service to you.

Increasingly, the process is paperless for those clients who do not operate with traditional paper files.  We have various methods for receiving electronic instructions including our portal.  Traditional paper files can be collected by our in-house or external courier.  We meet with LAA case handlers to ensure that claims satisfy their current requirements and this ensures claims are paid and processed expeditiously.

Knowing that dealing with the LAA can be arduous and time-consuming for practitioners, our dedicated CCMS department can free your time by not only preparing your costs claim but will also deal with all the steps required to secure payment from the LAA including:

  • submission of outcome codes;

  • uploading of costs claims and supporting documents;

  • dealing with all associated LAA notifications.

  • completion of requests for payments on account, applications to extend funding limits, and allocating Counsel's Fees.

  • preparation of High Costs Case Plans in all Civil, Court of Protection, and Family cases.

  • preparation of claims for Line by Line Assessment.

Upon receipt of the payment notification, we will report to you with a note of our fees.


We have a dedicated and highly experienced Legal Aid Department that processes CCMS online claims, High-Cost Case Plans, and Bills for Assessment (to include pre & post Assessment documentation) for a large number of clients.  


Our enthusiastic team, headed by Costs Lawyer Alison Bradbury, has an enviable knowledge of LAA practice and procedures. Our experience also ensures that your claims are prepared in such a way to ensure that your key performance indicators are not affected. 

The Company, which has been providing specialist costs services since 1995, includes qualified and experienced Costs Lawyers who are regulated by the Costs Lawyers Standards Board. ​We provide a comprehensive range of legal costs services geared to maximise both your fee income and cash flow.​

A priority service is available for urgent matters.

Please contact Alison Bradbury to discuss your requirements:  01772 435550.

The Legal Aid Agency publishes CCMS quick guides here.

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