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Legal Aid High Cost Case plans

We would welcome the opportunity of demonstrating our exceptional Legal Aid High-Cost Case plan service to you.  We can assist Clients with either traditional paper files or those who are paperless. 


​We can assist as follows:


​Family Cases:


We can prepare High-Cost Case Plans under the VHCC CCFS scheme to include both interim and final High-Cost Case Plans, collating the significant amount of supporting documentation required by the LAA, completion of the CCFS contract with the LAA and submission of the same, preparation of costs increase applications upon approval of the High-Cost Case Plan and preparation of the final claims for costs once the High-Cost Case Plan has been approved. We can also liaise with Counsel regarding the appropriate billing of their fees, any documentation required from them, and allocation of the fees on CCMS.


For family cases that do not fall under the CCFS scheme, we can prepare a staged High-Cost Case Plan and work alongside you to update the same as the matter progresses. We will liaise with Counsel to obtain estimated fees for Hearings listed. Interim case plans will be submitted to the LAA for their approval of each stage and then a costs increase application will be made in accordance with the agreement. We will thereafter bill each stage once approved by the LAA by way of an interim bill and prepare the final claim for costs once the matter has concluded.


Non-Family Cases: 


We can also prepare Non-Family High-Cost Case Plans which will include liaising with yourselves and updating the same throughout the lifetime of the matter, liaising with the LAA regarding each stage, obtaining their approval on the costs, and preparing the costs increase applications as and when required. We will obtain estimated fees from Counsel if required and liaise with them regarding the correct time to submit their fees for payment. We will bill each stage once approved by the LAA by way of an interim bill and prepare the final claim for costs once the matter has concluded.


The Company, which has been providing specialist costs services since 1995, includes qualified and experienced Costs Lawyers who are regulated by the Costs Lawyers Standards Board. Files can be collected from your offices by our in-house courier. Electronic files can be uploaded to our portal here.


A priority service is available for urgent matters.


​Please contact Elisse Bradbury to discuss your requirements:, 01772 435550, or speak to us live using the chat link below.

Legal Aid Cists

“We have used SPH now for about the last three years to do our legal costing and bills work. We have always found them to be a highly professional organisation. There is a very quick turn around in their work and we have never had to chase them for work to be returned. What we have found particularly helpful is if difficulties arise on cases that we can ring and ask them for general advice. That advice is always forthcoming and we have found it to be accurate and helpful. We would recommend them to any other law firm" - Legal Aid Solicitor - Leeds





SPH Costing Services Ltd

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