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Aimed at providing a service primarily for small to medium-sized enterprises, we have developed a range of products to assist with the control and management of commercial legal fees.

Historically, due to lack of available time to engage Solicitors on appropriate terms and then check the fee subsequently rendered, legal fees have often been passed through “on the nod”.  

Some businesses clearly feel that their Solicitors have become complacent and are not providing a service with sufficient competitive edge. Further, in a commercial environment where every penny counts, more and more businesses are becoming troubled by their legal costs spend, but are unsure where to even start in challenging them.

Our aim is to provide assistance from beginning to end of the process. Our products include:

  • fixed fee engagement letter review

  • invoice review and checking service

  • remote or on-site auditing of your Solicitors’ files

  • formal legal challenge under the terms of the Solicitors Act 1974


Our involvement at the outset of your relationship with a Solicitor should reduce the risk of subsequent problems or surprises and you will be fully aware of the consequences of the arrangement which you are entering.

The majority of subsequent issues found should be capable of being dealt with by negotiation. However, if that is not possible, then as Costs Lawyers we can represent you in legal proceedings to challenge the fees, to include drawing the necessary paperwork all the way up to attending assessment hearings at Court.

Our aim is to provide an affordable, cost effective service which will give you peace of mind that your legal fees are under control.

If you have any queries, then please contact us below.




SPH Costing Services Ltd

Leyland House, LBP, Centurion Way, Leyland, PR26 6TY


DX 20217 Leyland

T: 01772 435550


DX 12403 Northampton

T: 01604 604035

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