Points of Dispute & Replies

Points of Dispute and Replies

“As a firm we have used SPH for over 10 years and don’t use any other costing service. In that time, SPH have always provided a prompt service, sound and professional advice and have attended to all matters from the initial preparation of the Bill of Costs, through Points of Dispute and Replies up to and including Provisional Assessment and, where necessary, providing robust Advocacy upon CCMC and Detailed Assessment hearings. As litigation lawyers we like to focus on what we are good at and we recognise that SPH have a specialist skill set which we and our clients need; their highly pragmatic and commercial approach strikes a chord with us and we work with them (and collectively together) as a single team. One of the benefits of a developed working relationship is that as part of the overall service provided to our firm, SPH are always happy to provide us with a quick steer or five minutes on the telephone. Indeed, there is no better “costs brain” or tactician than Andrew Armson”. - Andrew Wand - Partner


Capstick-Dale & Partners Solicitors, Gidea Park, Essex

The foundation of success at any Provisional or Detailed Assessment, the quality of these documents is crucial.  The Court of Appeal has recently emphasised the need for such documents to be accurate in the matter of Gempride Ltd v Bamrah & Anor [2018] EWCA Civ 1367

With years of experience of detailed assessments and preparation of Points of Dispute and R eplies, we are in the perfect position to deal with them for you in a way that will maximise your prospects of success.

Our service is tailored to your needs, but at the same time as preparing Points of Dispute or Replies, we are commonly asked to prepare detailed advices on likely recoverable costs, offers, and strategy. Most significantly, we will advise on Part 36 offers, which carry with them the potential for major additional rewards for receiving parties. The Law Reports are littered with cases of invalid part 36 offers – getting the offer right in form and substance is absolutely vital. Where to pitch the offer for maximum pressure and potential reward is an art, not a science and there is simply no substitute for experience in this field.

Please contact Andrew Armson on 01772 435550 to discuss your requirements or email: aa@sphcosts.com for further details