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Court of Protection Deputy

"I regularly use SPH costing for my Court of Protection files.  I receive a most professional and efficient service from them.  They assist me with not only preparing the bill of costs, but are also invaluable with their aftercare service, assisting me with the recalculation of bills and preparation of summaries where required.  All the staff are most helpful and a pleasure to speak to.  I would highly recommend their services."

Legal Aid Solcitor - May 2023

"Our firm has been using SPH costing services to prepare all our legal aid final bills and high cost case plans for around the last 3 years. We switched providers due to experiencing a slow turn around of bills with other cost draftsmen and because SPH will, with CCMS cases, manage the whole submission process.


SPH have made file collection straight forward forward and we have found the courier service as well being able to email or file transfer files has meant our files are being worked on without delay. We have received draft bills for approval within 21 days and often much quicker than this which has improved the efficiency with which we are able to bill and cost our files and meant that we are getting the files paid and money received by the firm sooner. SPH have also helped us out by costing files in a short turn around where they needed completing urgently.


We initially instructed SPH on a trial basis, however, the difference in level of service that we have received and the speed with which our files have been costed and paid has been so good that we have moved all our legal aid billing to SPH.


The service we have received from SPH has been exceptional. We have found the cost draftsmen to be knowledgeable and always happy to help when we had queries. They are friendly and a real pleasure to work with. SPH up-dated us on guidance received from the Legal Aid Agency on areas that we could charge for but had not been doing so which has increased our profitability on our files.


SPH’s ability to prepare bills, submit them to CCMS and respond to any queries has streamlined our billing process and prevented delay that we experienced with previous providers where bills would be returned to us for submission and we were left responding to queries or sending files or bills back and fore to the cost draftsmen.


Ultimately, we use SPH because they almost feel like an extension of the firm. They get the files billed quickly, without drama, freeing up solicitors time to concentrate on their ongoing work and the firm gets costs for the files promptly."

Litigation Solicitor

"I instruct SPH Costing Services on a regular basis using their services for Costs Budgets, drafting Bills, negotiating costs and detailed assessment.  On each occasion I have found SPH to be both thorough and professional but at the same time personable and approachable.  Instructing SPH gives me peace of mind of knowing that recoverability of my client’s costs will be dealt with properly and that everything possible will be done to secure the most satisfactory outcome."

Local Authority Solicitor 

"SPH offers a swift and professional service, with regular updates. The way the matters are handled gives me confidence that we are getting the best outcomes for our clients. Andrew Armson is a very proactive costs advocate. He provides excellent advice, which is greatly appreciated by his instructing solicitors and clients alike."

Personal Injury Solicitor

"I have used SPH Costing Services at their Preston office headed by Andrew Armson for about 6 years, mostly on disease or multi-track cases, but also on fast-track cases where insurers have been obdurate. SPH argues with academic superiority and excellent tactics.

SPH are pro-active, often making suggestions beyond their instruction when preparing budgets, polite at giving gentle reminders when required, and will give impromptu assistance in relation to day to day queries. I try not to abuse their willingness to assist!

When negotiating, they keep their updates and requests for instructions to key pertinent outstanding issues and provide good summaries of net effects if an offer is accepted, rather than simply forwarding on what an opponent has argued and waiting for unguided instruction, like some lesser costs firms.

They negotiate very well – I note a sense of disappointment from some Defendant solicitors when I tell them which costs firm I will be using!

It is a pleasure doing business with SPH and to work with a costing service where there is still a genuine enthusiasm for costs law, and in getting a good result for their clients."

Commercial Solicitor

“We have used SPH on professional negligence and commercial litigation matters since 2005. We specialise in difficult cases, and our requests are never run of the mill.

SPH’s Andrew Armson in particular is a font of knowledge of all things costs and his turn around speed and level of detail keep us coming back. Andrew has represented us at trial for detailed costs submissions, at SCCO, Land Tribunals and in the County Court.

SPH are a safe harbour for costs issues and it’s great to be able to telephone and run issues past them. They manage to retain a great level of service alongside a good sense of humour. An important part of our wider team – rather than just an external service provider.”

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