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Use of electronic bills in Court of Protection cases

The pilot scheme is due to end on 28th April. However, the Court will continue to accept electronic bills after that date given that the pilot has been a success.

At SPH, having adopted the new electronic bill pursuant to the pilot scheme, we have been delighted to see that the whole assessment procedure from filing the bill to obtaining the sealed final costs certificate is typically taking 10 -12 weeks. This is in stark contrast to the 10 – 12 months it can take for paper bills to be processed due to the considerable backlog in the Senior Courts Costs Office.

This clearly has had significant benefits to cashflow and efficiency. The radically improved turnaround time may well influence decisions as to submitting claims at the earliest opportunity and having a bill drawn rather than simply electing to accept fixed costs.

We would certainly recommend using the electronic bill.

SPH are experts in preparing Court of Protection Bills for Assessment in the Senior Courts Costs Office. We believe our service levels and fee structure are market-leading.

Full Billing & E-Filing Service:

All Bills of Costs are prepared promptly and emailed to you for approval.

Once approved, we attend to the e-filing of your Bill and upon acceptance by the Court, your file of papers is submitted for Assessment or uploaded.

Once assessed, and you are satisfied with the outcome, we will then secure the Final Costs Certificate.

Your file of papers will be returned to you by the Court if applicable.

Files can be collected from your Home or Office by our complimentary in-house Courier. We also accept electronic files and have a priority service available for urgent matters. Documents can also simply be uploaded to our secure Portal. We can also attend to Legally Aided matters. Please visit our website here for full details.

Our team has an outstanding reputation for its skill, expertise, and integrity. Many of the Bills we prepare are approved as drawn. We have been providing specialist costs services since 1995 and the Company includes Costs Lawyers who are regulated by the Costs Lawyers Standards Board.

Please contact Alison Bradbury if you have any queries:

The Courts update can be found here:



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