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The SPH Costing Services commitment to excellence

We believe that our extensive knowledge provides the support for the vital advice and key services needed in the costs services business area. The work we undertake ranges from the mundane to the extremely complex, yet each receives the same high level of professional care and attention.

Clients turns to us in a wide range of professional negligence and commercial litigation situations and we aim to use our long-time experience to provide both quick and accurate information as and when it’s needed.

In a quickly changing business landscape, our advice is both pragmatic and up to the minute. We encourage clients to pick up a telephone and ask first if they have any doubts or concerns – a few moments receiving accurate and helpful advice at that stage can save much anxiety later!

Where required, we use our hard-won advocacy and negotiation skills, backed by both technical knowledge and a wealth of experience, on our clients’ behalf in a variety of scenarios and locations.

No matter the situation, we always expect to be able to help – if we can’t, we will simply tell you so. This is unusual, and when it happens, we have even been known to recommend somebody who can! We are confident in the services we offer you, across all areas of legal costing, and expect to be able to better both the cost and experience levels of any competitor.

To find out more, or ask us a specific question, please call 01772 435550 (Leyland) or 01604 604035 (Northampton) now.

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