Making the Most of Your Costs – A few hints and tips.

It is so obvious, but often needs repeating, that costs aren’t something that just happen at the end of cases. Here are a few reminders of how you can help yourself to maximise your recoverable costs. i. Retainer Let’s start at the beginning. Have you reviewed your standard retainers recently? Have you ensured that they include an entitlement to retain any recovered interest and any 10% uplift arising from bettering a Part 36 offer made on behalf of your client (such monies will belong to the client in the absence of a specific term)? Are the hourly rates appropriate? Does your retainer allow for rates to be reviewed annually? If so, have you done that and notified the client accordingly? We

Part 36 – Finding the right formula – Jordan v MGN Ltd [2017] EWHC 1937 (Ch)

Pt 36 – Finding the right formula We have another case where a decision on costs has been made in a case involving a celebrity – this time involving former Formula 1 team owner and now television pundit, Eddie Jordan. Jordan v MGN Ltd [2017] EWHC 1937 (Ch) is one of the many phone hacking cases brought by celebrities against the Daily Mirror and its associates. The decision in this case relates to considerations which apply when a Part 36 offer is accepted beyond the “relevant period” and the parties cannot agree about the provisions on costs. In this case, there had been a number of offers, both by way of Part 36 and otherwise in the several years whilst the claim was proceeding towards tri

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