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Costs Budgeting – Update Generally The issue of costs budgeting is one which had its genesis in Jackson LJ’s Final Report of December 2009 and, it is fair to say, has remained a hot topic ever since. Furthermore, due to very considerable inconsistencies in approach to the same by both practitioners and the judiciary since its inception in April 2013, and the numerous amendments to the rules since, very many inconsistencies still remain as “Heffalump traps” for the unwary. Only one thing is certain however, at least for now, that whether you are a proponent or a dissenter in respect of the costs budgeting regime, it is here to stay. The courts have, over the last almost 4 years, endeavoured w

WHAT IS THE POINT OF COSTS BUDGETING (2)? – MacInnes v Hans Thomas Gross [2017] EWHC 127 (QB)

WHAT IS THE POINT OF COSTS BUDGETING (2)? “One of the main benefits to be gained from the increased work for the parties (and the court) in undertaking the detailed costs management exercise at the outset of the case is the fact that, at its conclusion, there will be a large amount of certainty as to what the likely costs recovery will be.” Per Coulson J in MacInnes v Hans Thomas Gross [2017] EWHC 127 (QB) In our blog post of 24 October 2016, we considered the judgment of District Judge Lumb in the County Court at Birmingham case of Merrix v Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. Looking at the role of Costs Budgeting in Detailed Assessment, DJ Lumb found that the discretion upon assessment

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